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 Written by Feba Maryann 

The word ‘childproofing’ means to prevent children from causing any damage. But wait! What damage? What could a small child possibly be capable of damaging? Well, the answer to that question is- Maybe your child isn’t just capable of vandalizing the walls of your house, but also sabotaging the doors to your relationship satisfaction. 

And finally when the true face of reality decides to give you, your fair slice of some ‘Things-are-never-gonna-be-the-same’ drama, with some extra guilt of ‘what-kind-of-a-parent-even-am-I-?’ to top it up, this phase postpartum, can wreak havoc in your mental composure! But for all those insufferably confused partners out there, we’ve got you covered with the best tips to help you revitalize your spousal satisfaction before you take up the righteous roles of being parents!  

Date Like You’ve Never Met 

Sometimes, the surprise is the key. But once you’ve started a family, things may turn out to be monotonous. And that indeed is your wake up call, to hit that rewind button! Imagine experiencing those same old butterflies, gushy memories, and the added advantage of relationship stability. When it comes to childproofing the relationship with your partner, dates, and dinners could go the extra mile, in enhancing your relationship quality.  

Pause The Excuses, Play The Affinity 

The ground rule of a solid partnership is to not underestimate the value of the shared intimacy. Be it physical or mental, actions speak miles across the words that we let slip out. Make sure you maintain this consistency throughout your marriage. Though often you may feel the need to be bound to prevailing excuses of ache, mental fatigue, or work, take out time to emotionally invest in your partner. It need not always have to end up in sex, and so even the smallest gestures of bonding can go a long way in childproofing. 

Balance The Steering Wheel Of Your Routine  

Planned routines could be effective in eliminating the disruptions that a newborn can bring up. And what makes it even better, is learning to officiate things according to your convenience and not your baby’s. Don’t underrate the adaptability of your newborn and try to be the Sun of your solar system! Except for some reckless sleeping patterns, a large portion of the routine can go pre-planned and that calls for some major scheming as to who will do what both before and after you become pregnant. 

When You Need Help, Ask For It! 

Even in these sophisticated times, we may need a helping hand to manage all at once. The transition from marriage to starting a family is no cakewalk. There can come situations when you’ll need someone to assist you in parenting. Managing it all by yourself can consume you off-limits, ergo, putting you in the most demanding phases of your marriage. Not asking for help when needed can lead to some serious complications like depression too. Try putting a close family member or friend’s support to advantage. Asking for help is a sign of strength. Read that again! 

Draw The Line When You Have To 

Post-pregnancy could be the time when you’d possibly feel you have to do things that you didn’t sign up for. For example, not thinking about the impact of letting your toddler sleep with you, can be off-putting. You can’t always be fretting about your child barging into your bedroom, especially when you’re least expecting it. There has to be a brief conversation between partners about co-sleeping of their child to avoid any feuds in the future. Claim your bed and resort to solutions like letting your infant sleep in a different room but conveniently perhaps under the supervision of a baby monitor. Take help from a family member to stay vigilant whilst you contrive issues on the spousal niche too. 

You Can’t Pour From An Empty Glass Darling! 

Life is an encapsulation of the energies that you exchange. Be it love, hate, anger, or sorrow, every emotion is energy in its most virtuous form, and this exchange is both interpersonal and more importantly intra-personal. Speaking of self-love is never selfish. Make sure you unapologetically tick all the boxes in your checklist and don’t compromise on making yourself a priority too.

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