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Written by Feba Maryann

After receiving the wishes, blessings and love on behalf of the adorable human you and your partner are now responsible for, you may have hit a roadblock — how does one enjoy life while taking care of a newborn?  

Going through the dizzying motions of childcare can leave little to no room for all the exciting activities you were previously a part of. Midnight nappy changes and incessant screaming might be part of your new normal, just like all the gummy smiles and warm cuddles. If you are feeling a little lost on how to make the best of life while taking care of a newborn, you have come to the right place.  

First And Foremost, Bonding Time  

How can one enjoy life more with a new baby? Spend time with them, of course!  

Take time to marvel at those squishy cheeks and tiny toes. Capture pictures to get a few good laughs in the future. Take your baby out on walks and show them the wonders of nature. Because before you know it, they will be off to college and you will be left thinking about how fast they grow up.  

Become A Scheduling Maestro   

Routines are very important when it comes to babies. Establishing a time frame to feed the baby, play with them, and put them down for naps can go a long way. This will clear up a lot of time for new parents like yourself to take some time for themselves. Using this time to calm down and center yourself can be beneficial to the baby and yourself.   

After your baby gets a little older, try to follow your routine and take your kid along with it rather than building your day around their schedule. This way you can satisfy the needs of both parties.  

Understand The Importance Of Sleep  

Being a new parent and being sleep-deprived are almost synonymous. Running on a few hours of sleep is never pleasant and can leave you knackered even after a small task. Most of the time, it is unavoidable to be woken up in the middle of the night but you can try catching up on sleep by napping while the baby does.  

Getting a healthy amount of sleep can make your mood more stable and will make you more attentive to the baby’s needs. If you are someone who has always had trouble with sleep, watching your caffeine intake, monitoring your screen time, and meditation could help you sleep a little better.  

Tap Out From Competitive Parenting  

As a parent, without a doubt, you are proud of your child but this does not mean you need to compare your child with another one. Different babies develop at different rates and obsessively hoping for your child to achieve milestones earlier than the others is not healthy.  

There is more to a child than reaching milestones and competing with others in this matter will harm you and your baby in the long run.  

Taking Time-Out  

New parents and newborns do not need to be joined at the hip 24/7. It might be surprising but your newborn baby can get tired of being with you all the time. Experts say that contact between the parent and child is necessary for development but if you and your baby need a few minutes away from each other, take it.  

Pass on the baby to your partner, a nanny, or to that friend who is a lifesaver. Then, when you can come back to it, your baby will be happily ready to spend some more time with you.      


New parents get extremely wound up in meeting the needs of their little ones that they forget to pay attention to themselves. Understandably, you might be extra conscious about ensuring the baby’s comfort and safety but try not to sweat it. Evolution has made sure that you are well-equipped to ensure your child’s well-being. Take a breath …and maybe a warm shower. Make yourself feel good both physically and mentally.  

Going through the motions of parenthood may not be as intellectually stimulating or exciting but make sure that you enjoy what you do. If you are a parent holding a job, a newborn baby can make you feel a little stretched thin. Communicate with your partner and never hesitate to ask for help. An extra hand to help you does not make you incompetent.  

Bottom Line  

Parenthood is a carousel of needs to be met and things can get crazy. As a new parent, your primary goal should be to be a part of the baby’s life in a way that is enjoyable and beneficial for both. Parenting is one of the few things that cannot be done entirely by the book. Improvise, find what works for you and your family, enjoy the experience.      

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