Written by Feba Maryann  

As an avid reader myself, it’s not a surprise that I would want my kids to devour books the same way I did as a child. Ideally, I would want my kids to engross themselves in the magical worlds created by Morris Gleitzman and Jackie French. But sadly, our kids are born into the world of the Alpha Generation. They are the first generation to grow up with devices and technology all around them. Bringing your child to have an unfounded love for reading books might seem impossible in this fast-paced world dominated by interactive LED screens and virtually augmented devices.  

Here are a few genius ideas to immerse your child into the old-fashioned world of fictional characters and storeys:  

1. Make Your Kids Listen To Books  

Some kids are auditory learners; they depend on listening and speaking as their preferred route of learning. If you think your kid grasps better while listening to something, an audiobook could be your solution. Listening to audiobooks isn’t any different from reading the old-fashioned way. You could have tracks playing in the stereo of your car while going and coming back from school. You could even download an audiobook app into your kid’s tablet to encourage the habit.   

Reading to them before bedtime is another great option. You could finish a chapter each night and keep them hooked to the suspense. Use this opportunity to bond with your child. Mimic sounds of their favourite characters, help them experience the fantasy of the book’s world within the comforts of their bedroom.   

2. Be A Role Model  

Like it or not, your kids look up to for inspiration. This means that most of your everyday habits tend to rub off on them. They tend to mimic your actions and behaviour.  

If you want to raise a child who loves reading, you should make sure you read too. Talk to them about the book, point out parts of the book that struck your mind. This way, they will know how much joy reading gives you.   

This motivates your kid to pick up a book. You could then discuss their favourite characters and their personal opinions about the book. This fuels their love for reading.  

3. Have A Reading Corner  

Dedicate an area of your house for an exclusive reading corner. Work with your kids to personalise the corner with their favourite items, this makes them want to hang out there which makes reading time more desirable. Fill the corner with books that interest them. For example: If your kid likes pirates, buy pirate-themed books to keep them hooked. You could take them along and ask them to pick books that appeal to them.  

You could even start a mini-club in the reading corner you just created. Ask your child’s friend to come over to discuss books they recently read. Transforming it into a social activity and including their friends in the journey makes it special to them. Considering the pandemic situation in Australia, if you feel it is risky to invite people to your house, you could just hold virtual book club meetings!  

4. Bring Books To Life  

Go on little adventures inspired by the book your kid is reading. For example, if your kid is reading a book about the galaxy, take them to a planetarium right away.  

If the book has been turned into a movie, watch the movie after your kid finishes reading the book. This is a great way to get your kid to experience the world they created while reading the book.   

You could also celebrate your kid’s favourite writers. You could restock the reading corner with books they haven’t read of that particular author. You could also research about the author’s family, their favourite foods or where they lived.   

In short, these are some brilliant ways to get your children to love books. Reading transports your child into a world of their own filled with fictional characters. They will also be able to pick up new vocabulary and phrases. Many pieces of research have shown that reading has vast benefits on child development, which is why we felt it was essential to add this topic to correlate with our monthly topic.