How To Keep Your Food Cool And Fresh All Day, Every Day

Do you remember the days when you went to school and the only way to you keep your lunch cold was to put a frozen popper in your lunchbox? Ummm, having a nice cool sandwich on a hot day brings back memories, but with this little luxury came the danger of ending up with a soggy sandwich once your popper defrosted and leaked through the cling wrap that was keeping your sandwich dry and fresh…. There is nothing worse than eating a soggy sandwich, and I have to admit I ate more than one! 

Well fast forward 20+ years and 1 child later and gone are the days where you have to worry about how to keep YOUR child’s food cold and fresh…  there is no need any more for the good old frozen popper trick, best of all, no need to worry about soggy sandwiches. 

With so many cooler bags in the market place today that claim to keep you’re your food crisp and fresh, it can be hard to work out what’s the best choice. I have used many cooler bags and lunchbox’s and if I was asked for a recommendation for one that stands out from the rest, Fridge to Go wins my vote hands down…. 

There is a lot to love about the Fridge to Go, here’s what I think makes this cooler bag stand out from the rest: 

  • It’s super easy to use – you can just place the whole bag it in the freezer, or if you don’t have the room in the freezer, you can simply remove and place the panels in the freezer. 
  • It will literally keep your food cold for up to 8 hours – no other product in the market offer this. 
  • It’s durable, re-usable and is a compact size 
  • It’s environmentally friendly and is BPA, PVC and Lead-Free.  
  • It comes in a range of cool colours and patterns to suit all personalities from baby to parent. 

As a user of the Fridge to Go Cooler Bag, it totally changed the way I travelled with a fussy eating toddler.  Now before getting a Fridge to Go, I used a many food storage solution but none that stood out. A lot of the air tight containers and cooling lunchboxes I tried, allowed the sandwiches to either dry out and build up a crusty outer layer or become squishy with the heat. When this happened, I can still hear my darling daughter little voice saying “Yuk Mamma, I don’t like”.  This sentence still haunts me as it could mean the end to a perfectly planned day out…… Yep, it was that bad…… 

If you’ve experienced having a fussy eating child, you’ll know that leaving the house without packed food is just not a good idea. I started packing my fussy toddler sandwiches and fruit very early on as there was not always food options suitable to her when we were out and about and that lead to many meltdowns. 

Once I started using the Fridge to Go, everything changed. I simply pop the cooler bag in the freezer overnight and the next morning I make fresh sandwiches and cut up some fresh fruit, wrapped in glad wrap or in sandwich bags, placed the food in the Fridge to Go and off we go. When we stopped to eat, the food is still cold even after a long day out at the zoo and most of the time longer than the promised 8 hrs. 

I was sceptical at first, so many promises, but as frequent zoo visitor’s (we go at least once a month and live a good hours drive away) I can honestly say that the Fridge to Go delivers on exactly what it promises – Cold Food for up to 8 hours….. 

Here’s what other mums had to say about the Fridge to Go cooler bag: 

“I love this cooler bag. I have a 1 year old and I have been using this since she started eating solids at 6 months.  The cooler bag not only keeps her water cool but her yogurts and fruits always feel like they have just come out of the fridge when I take them out of the cooler bag. I would recommend this to all mum of babies that are starting solids” 

  • Jess – mother of little 1-year old girl 

“My son is generally a bad eater and we have always had to buy his lunch as he has refused to eat a packed lunchhe claims it doesn’t taste fresh.  I got a Fridge to Go as it was recommended by another mum of a fussy eater and I pack my son a ham and salad roll with no tomato and was over the moon when he came home and told me that he ate his lunch and it tasted fresh…. Thanks Fridge to Go, it may have taken me until he was 12 to eat a packed lunch, but it’s better late than never”  

  • Kim mother of 12-year old boy 

If you want a product that offers an all-day solution to keeping your lunch cold and fresh, the Fridge to Go is the only cooler bag you need to consider. It’s patented high performing chilling panels won’t let you or the contents of your cooler bag (whether it’s your kids sandwich or a mini bottle of wine for you) down.   

For more information, visit and place your order today.