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Written by Jana Angeles 

After giving birth, you may have gained some extra pounds during the term of your pregnancy and this may have lowered your confidence with your body. While this is a natural process, we can’t help but notice the difference in weight when we look at old photos of ourselves. This can make us feel nostalgic and end up regretting eating too much during pregnancy.  

In the efforts of health and fitness, it’s important that we participate in regular exercise and healthy eating to help boost our moods in general. While it’s tough to get back into the routine of good habits, taking some baby steps to help regain body confidence can be what you need to feel good again. Here are some efficient ways that can help you get into a good momentum and be comfortable in your own skin. 

Take things slowly  

If you’ve just given birth, the best thing you can do right now is take things slow. Your body may be fragile and weaker than it was before because it hasn’t had enough time to properly heal. However, this isn’t an excuse for you to not start adopting healthy habits now. Take a walk around the block and start implementing a nutritious diet. By slowly easing your way to a healthy lifestyle, it will become much easier to stick to and you will feel better about yourself if you start to notice the difference when it comes to your physical shape. 

Avoid eating food that you know isn’t good for you 

While snacking on junk food feels good at the time, it certainly isn’t good for your body. It gives you a fleeting moment of bliss until you realise you’ve eaten a whole packet of chips. Try and avoid junk food as much as you can and stick to healthy alternatives. It is much easier to stick to healthy eating if you can find creative ways to replace all the “bad food” you love to eat with similar healthier dishes. Try and stick to protein that won’t leave you bloated (chicken, fish, tofu) and minimise how often you eat red meats. Stick to healthy carbohydrates and stock up on your vegetables. 

Drink plenty of water and get a good night’s rest  

Water is a great fluid – it has no calories and prevents you from being dehydrated. If you want to increase your intake, add some pieces of lemon to encourage you to stick to water and avoid any sugary soft drink like coke and lemonade. It also detoxifies your body and helps you feel less bloated. Sticking to water can also curb your appetite and help avoid those cravings of bad fatty or sugary food. Having lots of water can also improve the appearance of your skin too. In addition, getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep can make you feel mentally recharged and is more likely to leave you in a positive mood instead of feeling grouchy when you’ve only had four hours of sleep.  

Wear clothes that make you feel good  

Even if you have gained a bit of weight, you can buy clothes that make you feel good on the outside. Be strategic in terms of what colours suit you best and the style of clothing you’re willing to spend on. Also, have a look at your current wardrobe and do a bit of decluttering to help you make space for new outfits. If losing weight is your main motivation and you want to drop down a size, purchase clothing a few sizes down so you can work hard at eating right and getting the daily exercise you need to be able to fit into the clothes you bought. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself  

Even if there are weeks where your weight has plateaued or had cheat meals two days in a row, don’t feel guilty about not sticking to the plan of healthy eating and exercise. It’s important you have a balance of eating the foods that are good for you and maintain a regular workout schedule, but it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all the “bad” food that you love. Having a cheat meal once a week can keep you more motivated towards your goals. Also, it’s tough love for your body to keep eating healthy foods so don’t feel guilty about not eating right for a day or two. Tomorrow is a brand new day and you can start focusing on your weight goals again with a new positive mindset and attitude.  

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