How to Take Care of Your Toddler’s Teeth

Written by Jana Angeles

Dental care is important when you’re taking care of a toddler. While they can be wild and full of energy, as a parent you need to still be cautious about how often they are brushing their teeth, what food they are eating and making them aware of the big role teeth have in the human body. Children get their teeth at varying times, but they usually appear when they are 6 to 10 months old.

While brushing your teeth can feel like a chore in itself for us adults, helping your toddler get into the rhythm of brushing their teeth while keeping it fun can help you along in the process. The pay off in showing them how important it really is to take care of their teeth can contribute to their overall health in the near future as well.

Brush their teeth twice a day

This is a known rule to everybody and it applies to your toddler too! Getting them into the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day is not only a good habit to have but it establishes a solid ground rule when it comes to basic hygiene. You are also teaching them the concept of being responsible while taking the first steps of independence. Brushing your teeth twice a day is a golden rule because skipping it once is never a good habit to adapt to. Explain to your child that there are consequences if they decide to skip brushing their teeth.

Have a balanced diet

Lollies, sugary drinks and ice cream are called treats for a reason – they are not meant to be eaten that often, especially for the little ones out there. Make sure your toddler has a balanced diet, meeting their nutritional needs when it comes to their fruits and vegetables. Avoiding foods high in sugar can help them out in the long run because it helps prevent decay. Eating healthy has numerous benefits since it can strengthen their teeth and promote good health for their gums too!

Supervise when they are brushing

Your child may be approaching school age but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t supervise them when they are brushing their teeth. Make it a habit to brush your teeth with your child so you can monitor their brushing technique. If they aren’t doing it properly, show them so they know for next time. This can take a while for them to execute, but it helps to be there so you know what they are doing wrong and what steps they are missing when brushing their teeth.

Explain the purpose of teeth

Teeth allows us to enjoy the food we eat by breaking it down to allow digestion in our bodies. Taking good care of them also avoids nasty mouth diseases and promotes good dental care for ourselves. Explain to your child that this is why we have our teeth and their importance. This will hopefully encourage them to understand that without their teeth, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy their favourite foods as much!

Choose a toothbrush they like

Picking the right toothbrush for your child is important. Not only does it need to be made specifically for children, they need to enjoy what it looks like. Kids are entertained by the smallest things, so having a toothbrush which they like can help make brushing their teeth a good time for them. There are plenty which are themed, bright and colourful. This could make all the difference since it potentially encourages them to take care of their teeth. You could also remind them that when 3 months are up, they can change their toothbrush to an even cooler design!

We all know how time-consuming brushing your teeth can be, but we all have to do it. Teaching your toddler good habits when it comes to oral hygiene will not only help them understand the impact they are making when it comes to their teeth, but it also helps them recognise the purpose of why they do it. Supervising brushing techniques, buying a toothbrush they like and keeping a balanced diet can help them appreciate the responsibility of taking care of their teeth!