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Interview with Fashion Designer Peter Morissey

Written by Jana Angeles

Peter Morissey has had an eye for design for a long time. With fashion being his calling, his popular clothing line has been worn by well-known Australian celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Elle MacPherson, Helena Christensen and more. Be it his all-rounded approach to the fashion industry while also maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s no wonder he’s still continuously finding ways to better his skill set in creating eye-catching clothing suited for women, men and children. Being admired by so many designers for his work, Morissey proves to be one of the most loyal and dedicated people to ever work in fashion.

“I had always been  interested in art, architecture and style. I was very good at technical drawing,” He says. “My family thought because of my style-sense, it was a great career to look into, so my mother and father actually pointed me in the direction. I was a natural at pattern-making and sewing and had a great knowledge on history in style.”

With his career being cemented 30 years ago, people ‘til this day love M orissey’s fashion line. As the competition of the fashion industry rises in Australia, he has managed to create designs that are trending in the market. For him, it’s not about the money or the high-rise stars wearing/endorsing his fashion line; all it came down to was his ability to make people feel good by looking good.

“I’m proud to say that since launching the collection that I get so many messages from parents saying that their child has found a new confidence or isn’t getting bullied anymore because of how they dress.”

“I love to fashion people’s lives because I believe it’s not how much it costs, it’s not about what it looks like – it’s how it makes you feel that is priceless,” He explains when talking about his career. “I love the fact that I have been able to touch so many people through my designs and still have people come up to me saying ‘I still own the MORRISSEY dress I wore to my formal 15 years ago”.

Going into a special niche in fashion, Morissey made the decision of designing a line for kids. Understanding the frustrations of parents with children’s clothing – especially regarding formal wear, he was proud to have launched something for kids to wear with the MORRISSEY brand attached. To have made a positive impact for little ones wearing his designs, made all the difference in the world; on how they felt as people and the amount of confidence they gained from just wearing a piece of clothing he designed with his hands and creative mind.

“I have loved dressing men and women for 30 years and in 2014, it was the right time to launch into kidswear given that the brand was already selling in Big W,” He explains in regards to the launch of his kids line. “It was a natural progression of the brand and I like to think of them as little men and little women and that’s what inspires me. I create kidswear for special occasions, while also being durable and comfortable enough for them to play in.

“I’m proud to say that since launching the collection that I get so many messages from parents saying that their child has found a new confidence or isn’t getting bullied anymore because of how they dress. I love changing those people’s lives. Men and women that wore my collection in the past now have children wearing the Peter Morrissey designs. I love it when a parent comes up to me and says that they’re finally ‘cool’ in their kids’ eyes because they know who Peter Morrissey is.”

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