American, Arthur Julius is seen as the inventor of the wet wipes whilst he was working in the cosmetic industry in 1957. In his 2500-square-foot loft in lower Manhattan in 1957, using a converted soup portioning machine, Arthur created and trademarked the first known wipe name Wet-Nap in 1958, the name for the product, is still being used today! After fine tuning his new-fangled hand-cleaning aid together with a mechanic, he unveiled his invention at the 1960 National Restaurant Show in Chicago. He first started selling this Wet-Nap product in 1963 to Colonel Sanders to use in his KFC Restaurants.  

Fast forward to the present, and wipes are now everywhere! There are cosmetic wipes, cleaning wipes and our favourite type of wipes, baby wipes!   

With so many baby style wipes on the market, what was once considered a luxury based around convenience and an alternative to cloth dipped in water, is now a consumable used all day, every day by a lot of Australian mums.  The now humble wipe is used more broadly by the entire population as a quick and handy way to clean up and get rid of all kinds of unwanted mess. Here is a small list of the more commonly used wipes in the baby market together with their intended uses: 

Baby Wipes (Fragrance Free) – General purpose wipes, used to clean up everyday mess. In recent research it was demonstrated that the average Australian household with a baby or young child have 8 packs of wipes open at any given time.  

These wipes can also include a variety of enriched vitamins and natural ingredients aimed at enhancing their benefits to the consumer. 

Goat Milk Wipes (Fragrance Free) – These wipes have been enriched with a goat milk formula and include ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Olive Oil designed to be Hypoallergenic, and be soothing on the skin. Goat Milk has a very similar PH balance to human skin and this is very useful for use on sensitive skin as the chance of an allergic reaction is minimized. 

Antibacterial Surface Wipes – Designed to be used on surfaces and object rather than on skin. These Milton wipes have been clinically tested to kill 99.9% of germs and have been developed for mums to use on all surfaces and toys and even babies’ dummies and teats should they fall and need to be cleaned before going back into bub’s mouth.  

Dry Wipes – This innovative product is perhaps the most convenient and versatile product of the lot as there are occasions when it is convenient to not have a wipe that is wet but will be absorbent and is able to easily clean up and dry surfaces without adding more moisture. Then if a wet wipe is required, all mum needs to do is add water which is readily available, and she now has a wipe she can use to clean and remove stains and mess. 

Convenient Wipes – Here is a category of wipes developed specifically to be convenient and practical to carry around all day by mum to solve a myriad of issues she finds whether at home, in the car or on the go. The Heinz Sticky Fingers have been in the market for generations of Aussie mums and are still a firm favourite. 

With so many baby wipe options available today, you’ll never have to worry about keeping clean when on the go. 

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