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JetKids BedBox® – The Ultimate Must have for Children Travelling

Travelling with your family is supposed to be a joyous occasion.  You are going away on an adventure where you will build new memories to last a lifetime.  However, if you’ve travelled with your younger children in economy class for long haul flights, you know that the moment they get tired and can’t get comfortable, melt downs are inevitably around the corner.  I bet if you’ve been in this situation you have experienced one of the following things: 

  • Your child has somehow managed to get you to squish yourself in the tiniest of spaces and somehow has taken up most of your seat  
  • Your child has sprawled themselves all over you, resulting in having the first worst flight of your life – with many more to follow. 
  • Or every parent’s worst nightmare: your child has had a major meltdown on the flight, disturbed the whole plane and every hostess has come over to check if there is something they can do to assist you in settling your child down so that the other passengers can enjoy their flight.  

If you’ve experienced any of these situations, it can be overwhelming and the stress that it can bring is so great that it can ultimately put you off flying economy with your younger children altogether.  

Well, don’t be put off just yet! A Norwegian couple who are parents to 3 kids and travel frequently with their children, also experience terrible flights and decided to do something about it.  After numerous attempts to find the perfect solution, they ended up designing the JetKids BedBox®.  Any parent with a child up to 7 years should seriously make sure that they have this flying necessity. I swear, it’s a complete game changer for parents and children alike and will dissipate any fears you have of travelling with the kids on long haul flights. 

The product itself is almost too good to be true. It has been designed and made within the dimension of carry-on hand luggage, meaning you’ll be able to take it on the plane.  This little suitcase has so many amazing features, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.  It’s your child’s hand luggage, a ride-on suitcase and most importantly, it’s a bed/leg rest, all in the same box.  It also has enough room inside that you can store all the essentials in this amazing little box. I managed to squeeze in a change of clothes as well as a onesie, Mr Bear, 2 books, the iPad, a bottle and snacks.  

The BedBox® can be easily stored under your seat for take-off and landing, and it only gets better once you’re cruising at altitude.  Setting up the bed/leg rest is super easy and convenient and it’s when you’ll actually fall in love with this product.    

Simply place the BedBox® between your child’s seat and the passenger’s seat in front. Take off the lid and grab the mattress and then place the lid back on but upside down and adjust to the right height.  Use the straps to secure the case to the aircraft seat, then you can pull out the extension plate towards your child’s seat so that it rests there.  Roll out the mattress and then place the side cushions below the armrest and MAGIC – you have a bed/leg rest. 

I’ve travelled with my child since she was a baby and have to admit, it was a dream.  She was able to use the crib and was well rested when we reached our destinations.  The thought of doing a 9-hour flight with a toddler just seemed unrealistic.  I’ve heard all the horror stories of how a well-planned holiday was thrown into chaos all because a child was tired and grumpy and couldn’t get comfortable on an economy seat and business class for a family of 4 is just not an option at this stage for us, so when I was told that I would be reviewing the BedBox®, I was a little sceptical.

But I have to admit that all my fears were just that: fears.  The BedBox® is so easy to use and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this necessary travel accessory.  It solved so many of our problems with its ability to be ride on, a storage solution and a bed/leg rest. My little one had a good 6-hour sleep and it honestly was a pleasure to travel sitting right next to her.  When she woke, I was able to take her for a walk and then pop her back on her seat with her legs position horizontally and she was exceptional for the remainder of the trip. I would have liked to have stolen her BedBox® for myself and wish this product was made for adults too.  

Here is a summary of the best features of the JetKids BedBox®  

  • Suitable for children up to approximately 7 years of age.  
  • Easy installation  
  • 20 litre volume gives enough storage for favourite items. 
  • Weight only 3kg including mattress 
  • The leg rest feature can be used for children all the way up to approximately 5-6 years 
  • The ride on suitcase can be used from when they are able to sit safely on their own, and all the way up to approximately 7 years.  
  • Swivel wheels in front allows excellent manoeuvring 
  • Washable mattress (Hand wash & air dry) 
  • Universal, and fits most standard economy seats 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 46cm x 20cm x 36cm 
  • Maximum user weight: 35 kg

And the Bad, if you can call it that! 

  • Cannot be to be used during taxi, take-off, landing or turbulence!  

 I would recommend this product to any parent that wants to have a peaceful flight. It has changed my life forever and it’s the ultimate travel accessory. I will never travel without the BedBox® for long or short haul flights again.  The BedBox® allows your child to travel first class for an economy price and that is priceless.  

For more information about the JetKids BedBox® visit their website at

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