Being a parent is hectic, and we’re always looking for ways to make our lives that little bit easier. Running around with nappy bags full of snacks, clothing changes, keys, phones, wallets, toys, teethers, medications.

Sometimes I wonder what I did in a past life to deserve my reincarnation as a pack-horse. All I need is a saddle and to get Miss 1.5 some trendy jodhpurs and we’re away. But enough horsing around…let’s get serious about how Bubblebubs accessories can help to organise your life and make getting out and about with the fam a touch more manageable.

As a busy mum, I have one word for you about nappy bag organisation: wetbags. At the moment I have no fewer than five wetbags in my nappy bag and it really does help to keep everything in order and easy to find when I’m rifling through it at the Kmart checkout with 47 people in line behind me. At the moment I have one double pocket wetbag that contains all my nappy accessories, and four mini wetbags- change of clothes, mama cloth, bib and utensils and a bag of teethers (because I can show you the bruises on my arm from tiny teeth like dang needles when I don’t have that bag!).

Read on for a closer look at the features of these wetbags and other Bubblebubs accessories and how they can make life easier for you.

Mini wetbags: I speak the truth when I say that there are literally endless uses for mini wetbags. Not only are they perfect in your nappy bag, but also for travelling in general. You can organise your whole life in minis! Think snacks, make-up, toiletries, sunscreen and hats, dirty toddler shoes, swimming costumes, wet undies/clothes when toilet training…there are so many possibilities. Of course you can also use them for dirty nappy storage when out and about, regardless of whether they are cloth nappies not. But don’t let that be your only reason for having a stash of minis. They will seriously change your life!

Double pocket wetbag: a larger version of the mini wetbag, the double pocket wetbag has much more storage capacity and two pockets (duh) to help separate whatever you need within one bag. I recently sent one to my nephew for swimming so he can transport his wet things home without having to use a plastic shopping bag. It also keeps wet and dry separate from each other so you can pop wet togs in the front and still have everything else in the main pocket perfectly dry. In my own bag, I use it for my nappy accessories when out and about: wipes, nappies, nappy cream, hand sanitiser and my changemat. It makes it super easy when we’re at an event and I can just grab the double wetbag without taking my whole nappy bag to the baby change with me. Just like the minis, the double pocket wetbags are so versatile when on the go. Think, changes of clothes, library bags, I’ve even used them for shopping when I’ve forgotten my green bags before! Their uses are only limited by your imagination. If you need more space, there is even an XL wetbag, great for towels, laundry or storage of larger items.

Changemats: If there’s one thing I hate about nappy changes out of the house, it’s putting bubs down to change her. You just never know how clean the baby change station in wherever you are and it’s great peace of mind being able to lay your little love on something you can guarantee is 100% clean. Not only that but when you’re at a friend’s house and need to change baby, you don’t have to feel awkward about dirtying their sheets…or furniture…or carpets in the process. In an emergency I’ve even had to change my babe on the floor of the disabled toilets, and I’ve been so thankful to have my change mat along with me. Such a lifesaver and folds up nice and compact for saving space.

Breastpads: Even if you’re not a cloth nappy family, you can still get on board the eco-train by getting yourself some reusable breast pads. Those sticky, crunchy disposable pads do have their place, but Bubblebubs bamboo breast pads are so much more gentle on those leaky nips. You need to do your boobs a favour and treat them like the precious milk-making gifts they are. Just throw them in the wash with your normal laundry and voila! Ready to use again and again. 

Coco Chanel advised that before you leave the house you should look in the mirror and remove one accessory. Well, Coco was wrong. Accessories are life, especially when you’re a busy family who want to be sure they won’t forget a thing!