Little Nappies for Little Babies

There are more than 25,000 premature babies born in Australia each year. This is a very overwhelming experience for the parents of premmies and they have so much to take into consideration including finding the right size nappy for their little one. The key factors are softness, comfort and fit and being able to change their baby easily. 

BabyLove have developed a range of nappies that specifically targets the development of premature babies and make it easy for premmie parents to make a choice with a trusted brand that thousands of Australian parents love and recommend.  

With a unique 3D design that fits premmies body perfectly, soft stretchy gathers that are secure but not too tight and silky light materials, BabyLove has taken the stress out of choosing an essential item that every premmie baby need’s.  You will feel safer knowing that you are providing your baby with only the very best in comfort and care. 

Here are the key highlights of the BabyLove Premmie Nappy Range that make it stand out from the rest:  

  • Unique 3D Design – Gently cups your premature baby’s body to avoid cramping and swelling around legs. 
  • Ultra-soft and Gentle – Soft stretchy gathers and silky light material, specially designed for a premature baby’s delicate skin. 
  • Umbilical Cord Notch – No discomfort around the navel area.
  • Breathable Cover – Reduces dampness to help prevent nappy rash. 
  • Wetness Indicator – Alerts mum and dad when baby’s nappy is wet. 

BabyLove Premmie nappy range has been specially designed to meet the delicate needs of your premature baby.  The premmie nappy range is available in three sizes:  less than 1000g and 1000g-1500g which are both exclusive to Australian hospitals. The third size is the 1.5kg – 3kgs giving parents a peace of mind when choosing a premium premmie nappy range that they too can use when they return home with their precious bundle of joy. 

Several My Child Magazine readers reviewed the BabyLove Premmie Nappies and here’ s what they had to say: 

“I’ve used other premmie brands and was mostly disappointed with leakage that occurred.  After receiving my BabyLove Nappies, I was excited to see what they would be like. Firstly, the nappy itself felt super soft and I could tell it was a quality product.  I used the nappy for a week and was impressed with the absorbency of the product and am happy to report that there was no leakage. The fitting around the legs was also a highlight for us as it didn’t irritate bub or leave any nasty marks on his sensitive skin.  Thanks, BabyLove.  We will be purchasing your nappies and recommending to anyone we know that has a premmie 

Even though my baby wasn’t a premmie, she arrived 10 days before her due date and was born weighing only 2.663kgs.  I wasn’t happy with her in the newborn fit nappies and I had my husband buy the BabyLove premmie nappies and they were beyond anything I could have asked for. I loved how soft they were and the design of the nappy around the legs meant baby has no red marks around her tiny little legs. The umbilical cord cut out put my mind a rest knowing I wasn’t irritating her soon to be belly button.  The wetness indicator is a lifesaver and kept us on track for nappy changes and although we didn’t use these nappies for long, I would recommend them to any parent that has a low birth weight child as well as a premmie” 

BabyLove Premmie range should be your first choice because thousands of Australians love and recommend them.  With comfort and absorption at the core of everything BabyLove do, they have you and your little one covered. 

BabyLove is strongly committed to caring for premmies and contributes to research and support services for premature babies, their families and hospitals.  

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