Losing Time and Reality

Written by Sheree Echlin 

Where has the year gone? Or should I say years?! I thought time went fast before kids but now, there really are no words, or maybe I have said them and time just flew past me too quickly. Blink and you miss it is pretty spot on! My “babies” at the ages of four and two are now my little girls, growing up way too fast! There are some days I wish I could hit the pause button and soak up their littleness just a bit more. Other days, I’m copping some serious attitude I wouldn’t mind skipping ahead just a little bit.

I don’t want to wish the time away, but it’s been a tough year, one full of some big adjustments for my beautiful girls and myself. The sound of them playing nicely and listening to their giggling has certainly made the bad days feel much brighter. It’s funny how kids know when to push your buttons at the wrong time but also know how to lift your spirits when you are feeling down. Whenever you’re having a rough day and feel like throwing your hands up in defeat, there’s nothing sweeter than a little kiss or a sweet hug from your babies to make you feel whole again. I never tire from hearing an unexpected “I love you, mummy” – it even makes me smile and tear up just thinking about it. 

I know I probably spend more time yelling over stupid things (who doesn’t?!) when I should be giving my girls more credit. They are smart (sometimes too much for their own good) little girls who I hope grow into strong, young women. Not sure if I set the best example some days, but I’m hopeful something is rubbing off, other than my feisty nature, of course. Watching them play games with their dolls and running around, pretending to be invisible makes me laugh at their creativity, but I know if I put a foot in the wrong place or say the wrong word I can stop a game in an instant. Hell hath no fury like a child whose fun game has been ruined by not-so-fun mummy. Cue the usual eye rolling, arm folding, foot stomp and huffing and puffing that I cop on an almost daily basis, sometimes from both of them! I’ll say it again, I’m already terrified of when we hit the teenage years. Maybe I can run and hide during that time or maybe that’s when I really need to hit the fast forward button!

Even though they get along most of the time and competing for mummy’s attention, I wonder: Is this why many parents have a favourite child? I’m kidding, we all know there is no such thing as favouritism when it comes to your kids (I maintain my older brother is still the favourite, haha. I am joking, mum!). I do have moments where I could easily choose one child over the other, especially when my nerves are frayed and one of my girls is pushing my buttons a bit less than her sister. But I do love them both so much that I could never say one is my favourite, haha! 

There’s one thing I’ve noticed more and more as my beautiful girls grow and develop – they won’t let anything get in their way. Whether it’s their stubborn side (we all have one whether we like to admit it or not) or just their strong determination, there isn’t much stopping them, other than mummy saying “no” of course. That’s one-word kids don’t like hearing, especially when they have a “great idea”. It’s alright for them to tell you “no” repeatedly but as soon as that word hits their ears, you just know things aren’t going to go well. Oh, I just love the fun of parenting, there never really is a dull moment.

Keep on smiling, mummas! There’s always a chance tomorrow will be a better day. Read more of my mummy tales online at www.shereeechlin.com.