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Making your own magnetic fishing game can be a great party game idea

Make a magnetic fishing game

Making your own magnetic fishing game can be a great party game idea or just a fun rainy day activity for kids. Free fish printable included.

Number of players: 2


What you need:

  • 2 x free fish printables
  • 2 x sticks
  • wool or string
  • twig or chopstick
  • 2 x magnets (just use old fridge magnets)
  • 14 metal paper clips
  • glue
  • coloured pencils
  • scissors



Print out one sheet of fish for each player.

Colour in your fishies.

Cut them out.

Match them up and glue the two sides together, place a paper clip inside each one, with the end just sticking out of the front of the fish.

Make a fishing pole by winding string around the end of a twig or chopstick, leaving about 20cm dangling at the end.  Attach a magnet to the end.

Put the fishes in a bowl and go fishing.

How to make it into a fun party game:

Use a timer. Set the time limit. The person with the most fishes at the end of the time limit wins.


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