The Mummy Blogger: Defining Moments

I swear every day has been one of those days. You know where it feels like the whole world is against you? Nothing goes right, everything that can go wrong, does and there are absolutely no positive vibes to be found. Throw in a couple of whingy kids and things get super epic. Okay, so maybe it isn’t quite that bad, but I feel a little broken at the end of some days.

What keeps me going is the little voice of reason. “It’s okay mummy” is whispered in my ear while Miss Izzie pats my shoulder as I prepare to lose it for the billionth time in a day. I swear I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when this happens but you know you are doing something right when a three-year-old is trying to cheer you up. To the outsider or those without kids, I must paint the “best” picture when it comes to parenting. I do enjoy it, I swear – when they are asleep is the best time ever. Honestly, though, I do love my girls and I wouldn’t know myself without them now, but then again they have scrambled my brain a bit so I almost forget – lots of things (haha!).

On the subject of my girls, I “love” being asked whether I have a favourite child. It’s like asking me would you ever give up chocolate? I’m not going to answer that. Maybe ask me on a really bad day about the favourite child part. I’m never giving up chocolate! No seriously, you will often find me with a piece (or 10) of sweet tasty chocolate. My fridge is always stocked!

I do love both my girls equally, most days. I may not always like them equally the same amount but I’m sure every parent with a toddler and a younger child would be the same. Hell children of any age will do. Unless of course, you have the perfect child (or children) which pretty much means we can’t be friends. Mind you, I often wonder if my mum ever had a favourite when it came to my brother and I (yep my brother, haha!). I know she would say no, but there were moments when we were teenagers. I think she was ready to ditch us both (just kidding, love you, mum!). Children really do test your patience, your relationships and your financial balance. This is likely the main reason I will never give up chocolate and wine too but that’s a whole other story!

Isn’t it funny when it comes to relationships we (by we, I mean us girls) say what’s mine is mine, what’s his is mine – but when you have kids it’s just all theirs. No questions, just assumptions that everything belongs to them. We may as well just hand over everything at birth. The fun of parenting continues to amaze me every day. There are days where I enjoy every chance I get to spend with my girls and others not so much. And bedtime is still very much one of the best times of day, both theirs and mine!

“Watch me, mum, watch me, mum, mum, mum, watch me!” It’s one of Miss Izzie’s new sayings – she’s becoming more adventurous. Jumping off garden edges, riding her bike and climbing, there isn’t much stopping her anymore. She’s definitely growing up and of course, the attitude is growing right along with her. I’m a mix of emotions as I watch my eldest daughter carve her path in the world and strive even more solidly for her independence. I’m proud, I’m bewildered, I’m in awe, I’m also going even crazier but I’m amazed at how much kids will do, and how far they will go to let you know they are there.

In saying that, there is still definite testing moments and of course pushing the limits to see what she can get away with on a daily basis! I know we’re supposed to cherish each day but sometimes there are only so many times I can handle hearing, “mum, mum, mum, mum, MUM!!!” I only want the best for my girls but sometimes I think I forget they’re still my little babies. There are days  I expect a little too much and I’m probably a little too hard on them. I have to remember to take a step back and put myself in their shoes.

I know you aren’t supposed to compare your children – something I’m finding myself more and more guilty of – but it’s funny how different my two girls are. In some ways Miss Phoebe makes Izzie look like a saint (not sure I’d use that description often) but they really are two very different little people but they keep me on my toes.  Now where’s my chocolate and wine?

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