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Written by Sheree Hoddinett

Do you ever suffer from parent regret? You know that moment where you say yes to your kids without knowing what you have said yes to and they’re off jumping with excitement? It’s that moment where you suddenly realise you’ve agreed to something you really shouldn’t have, but it’s pretty much too late to say no? I have done it way too many times and really should pay more attention. it’s definitely a major face palm moment in parenting. One where you know you really should have paid attention but the kids prey on your moment of weakness and in turn they one-up you. The tables turn, the regret kicks in and you know you have to think smarter for next time. Ahhhhh the joys of raising kids. They really don’t pay me enough for this, haha!

Kids really are smart creatures, probably a lot smarter than we give them credit for sometimes. But only sometimes. Other times where they decide to jump off the top bunk (probably the roof if you have boys) or fill a million containers inside the house with water or even open something glittery (help me now!), you know there will be trouble! They do drive you crazy, bonkers, insane, to the edge, over the edge… on so many different levels. But without them, life would certainly be boring.

My youngest daughter is definitely my more adventurous child. It cracks me up that a moth can fly near her and she screams the house down. But she’ll climb to the top of a kids playground like it’s nothing. She’ll go full pelt on her bike in an attempt to outdo her sister and the way she is always swinging off things, makes me think she was possibly a monkey in her previous life. As for her older sister, my princess, drama queen and slightly more sensitive child, things are a little different. She will go out of her way to help you, no matter what. It’s quite an endearing quality that I really love about her. But one thing I could definitely do without, is her relentless attitude. Some days it starts the second she wakes up, until she goes to sleep again. It’s like dealing with a miniature version of myself, I’m not so sure I like it, haha!

I swear some days with kids is like running a marathon 10 times over. Just when you think you have a grasp on things, bam, you’re right back where you started. Where on Earth do they get their energy from? Some would say they suck it directly from your soul. I think I believe it as I crawl into bed every night exhausted! I know it’s not forever and I know that soon enough they’ll likely want nothing to do with their Mumma, so I’ll take the tired and weary days while they last! At least I’m going to try, I can’t make any promises, especially with the extension of the school holidays here in Queensland. It was the best news, said no parent ever! My girls are running around doing their happy dance and I’m curled up in the foetal position in the corner. Obviously I’m kidding. I love spending time with my kids…most of the time. Maybe not so much when I’ve hit the end of my tether and I’ve repeated everything about 20 times. It gets better right?!

You don’t enter the journey of parenting thinking everything will be all sunshine and butterflies. It would be fun if it was. Can you imagine it? Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of fun times to be had when it comes to being a mum. Hiding from my kids, scaring them for no reason (hey, they do it to me too!), hanging out with them, sharing special treats, running around like lunatics together and of course having a laugh over a fart joke or 10. We might be girls, but it’s still funny! The days can be hard, easy or a mix of both but it’s the memories that we make and hold on to that make it awesome and amazing. Well they keep coming back to me, so I’m either doing something right or they like the chocolate too much, haha! That’s my girls!

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