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A New Survey Reveals the Feelings and Woes about Infant Development  

A baby’s first steps are a moment of joy for parents and were listed as the most important infant milestone in a new survey asking Australian mums about their feelings, fears and focal areas when it comes to their child’s development.

Commissioned by nappy brand, BabyLove, the survey of more than 1,000 Australian mothers found that most mums (90 per cent of respondents) feel overwhelmingly proud when their baby reaches a milestone, and a further six per cent are ‘relieved’.

The survey, undertaken in July 2016, found that almost half of mums admit to feeling worried and even ‘freaked out’ when other babies reach a milestone before their own child (46 per cent of respondents). The most important milestones included crawling and walking, which was nominated as the most important by just over a third of mums (36 per cent), followed by sleeping through the night (elected by 28 per cent of respondents), toilet training (20 per cent of respondents) and self-soothing (16 per cent of those surveyed).

To support these important milestones, BabyLove has developed Australia’s first nappy pant to accommodate the developmental changes of a baby aged from six months, which include increasing mobility and independence.  With no tabs to struggle with, the 360 degree stretchy waist is easy to pull up and down, enabling parents to more easily change a wriggly baby. Aptly named Wriggler, the new nappy pant is designed with the infant in mind to explore their surrounds without a bulky nappy.

“Developmental milestones are very important for parents, as they monitor the growth and development of their baby. Being a parent is one of the most important roles we will ever have. With that pressure comes apprehension and anxiety, as well as anticipation and excitement. It’s more than normal to experience these emotions during this time because you want the best for your child,” said Leanne Hall, Clinical Psychologist and BabyLove spokesperson.

Today’s mums are generally confident and relaxed in their role, and like seasoned parents before them, the majority are most worried that their baby is ‘happy and content’.

With BabyLove’s Wriggler Nappy Pants, you can change your ‘little wriggler’ with ease! The only Nappy Pant in Australia specially designed for babies weighing 7-11kgs, they take the struggle (and distraction tactics) out of change time.

With an RRP of $16.99 for a pack of 34 nappies, the range is widely available at Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Big W, Babies’R’US, Chemist Warehouse, and other leading retailers and online stores.

For a free BabyLove Wriggler Nappy Pants sample, head to


About BabyLove 

Watching a child grow is an important and joyful time for any parent. BabyLove strives to continuously develop outstanding baby products that help parents and their baby on this exciting journey. BabyLove nappies are designed to help children stay comfy and happy. BabyLove Cosifit™ features Australian first patented technology to help protect baby’s delicate skin from red marks. The range of ultra-soft and absorbent nappies also includes Premmie, Nappy Pants, Training Pants, SleepyNights Pants and GentleWave™ Baby Wipes.

Research was conducted by Colmar Brunton in July 2016 and is based on a sample of 1,052 Australian mums.


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