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New Year Resolutions Dads Should Make 

Written by Jana Angeles 

While January is coming to a close, it’s not too late to make some decent New Year Resolutions to get you excited about the opportunities 2019 will bring. For us dads, it only makes sense to take responsibility for our actions and also be grateful for our family and our friends. No matter the occasion, if you feel unhappy about where you’re at the moment or simply need to improve your approach to life, here are some realistic and humbling resolutions you should set for the new year.  

Be kind 

It doesn’t take long to be kind to yourself and others. There are plenty of ways to spread kindness, which doesn’t mean the expense of your hard earned money. Maybe being kind means adopting a new diet to feel better physically and mentally or you want to adopt a new skill to help you improve your own job prospects. You can even choose to sacrifice a bit of your coffee money to your chosen charity of your choice to help those less fortunate. Whatever you decide, there is no harm in being kind. Making a difference makes you a better person.  

Be loving 

Love makes the world go round, without it, it would be a very dark place indeed. Showing love for your family and friends means you cherish them no matter the circumstance – good or bad. This is important when times get a bit tough and we all need to feel supported in our everyday life. Life has its ups and downs, so no matter how you’re feeling at this moment, you need to start making it count by spreading love and happiness to those around you. Life is too short, so cherish everything you have right now! 

Work hard, but not too hard 

We often get carried away with work and sometimes need to pull an overtime to get everything finished, but at what expense? It’s okay to stay back at work sometimes when you know your life at home is okay, but if you do this and it starts affecting your livelihood with both your partner and your kids, it’s not worth it in the end.  

Be smart when it comes to making the most of your 8-hour window at work and don’t put so much pressure on yourself just to impress the boss. You have another life to live so be content at work and know that the money is supporting your family in the long run. If you are receiving pressure at work and can’t do the hours, speak to your boss and come to a mutual understanding, otherwise, look elsewhere and find a job that aligns with your core values.  

Make spending time with the kids and your partner a priority 

You aren’t a perfect person and there will be days where life can get a bit busy and you’re just doing mundane tasks over and over again. However, you shouldn’t forget to live a little and spend some quality time with your kids and your partner. This is especially important if your kids are quite young and are at the “playing” stage – they want you involved in everything you do. Be thoughtful for their enthusiasm and be up for a game or two to keep them entertained. Teach them how to ride a bike or read them their favourite story books. Strengthening the bonds you have with the kids is important and making memories with them while they’re younger is worthwhile. 

Also, don’t forget to spend quality one-on-one time with your partner. Get a trusted relative or a hire a babysitter and try and pen in a date night every few weeks. This is a great way to hit the reset button and be yourselves without the kids. We sometimes need to have a break from them and remind ourselves that we aren’t just parents, we are people who have our own lives too! 

With 2019 just starting, it’s important to evaluate our goals and be realistic about our approach to them. At the end of the day, making time for our family and friends is what counts and our work should not get in the way of what is truly important. Be kind, be humble and count all the blessings that come to you this year!  

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