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Written by: Lance Green

It’s Mother’s Day again? Wasn’t that just a month ago? Mother’s Day seems to roll around and catch you by surprise every year. Having to remember birthdays and anniversaries and now Mother’s Day too?  Why are all the adverts for flowers? Is it an unwritten law that Mothers have to like flowers and that is all she should get on Mother’s Day? As Dads, maybe we need to get a little more creative and do something to show how much we really appreciate her.  It does not have to cost an arm and a leg, all it really takes is some time and planning. 

Breakfast in bed 

This should be a staple.  Give Mom the morning off.  If the kids are old enough, get them involved. Let them make toast, pour the juice or mix the batter for pancakes. Traditional bacon, eggs and toast is a smart way to go, or make it a little more fancy with blueberry pancakes and a fruit salad. Whatever you choose to make, place it on a tray so it is well balanced, get all the kids to come along, wish her a great Mother’s Day and then give her some peace to enjoy her breakfast.  

How about lunch? 

Okay, so maybe everyone got up a little late for breakfast or you’re partner is not a morning person, so you prefer to let her sleep in? That doesn’t mean you can’t do lunch.  Pack a picnic basket and some blankets and head down to a park or natural area that allows for picnics. Make sure it is somewhere the kids can do their thing without it being a lot of stress on Mom to make sure they are okay. Settle her down in a shaded spot and get the kids to help serve lunch. Let Mom relax and have some time to enjoy the fresh air without having to yell at a kid every two minutes. 

Make her a card  

With so little being handwritten these days, something as small as a letter or card can make a big difference.  Get the children involved in making a card or even prepare an “ancient” parchment, all rolled up, with a poem of how much she is appreciated. Even the smallest family member can add a fingerprint to round off the sentiments.  

Missed breakfast and lunch? 

There is a third meal of the day if you missed the other two.  Give her the evening off and make something great for dinner (or if you are really bad at cooking, get some take-out). You can get the kids involved in setting the table, peeling potatoes or any number of things depending on their ages. Let Mom take a nice relaxing bath and just de-stress while you and the kids make the evening meal. Pour her a glass of wine, let her sit down and enjoy a relaxed meal. Make sure to clean up the kitchen when everything is done. 

End the day with a massage 

This doesn’t have to be a very complicated process. You can give a back and shoulder massage if you feel competent (use some nice oil or lotion) or simply a foot massage if you can’t manage anything else.  All it takes is some lotion and gentle rubbing while you massage the lotion in. You don’t have to be a masseuse. 

Give her time off 

Remember, she is a mom all year round, not just on Mothers Day. Celebrate the day by giving her some time off. Send her on a Spa day or to the salon to have her hair and nails done. Give her a gift card to her favourite store and let her go browse in peace. You take the kids out and keep them occupied so she can have a break. Figure out something that she would really like to do and give her the opportunity to do it. Make it a lasting memory for her and let her know how much you care. 

Spoil your own Mom 

Besides the mother of your children, don’t forget your own Mom. If you can’t wish her in person, you can always give her a call to let her know you love her and appreciate everything she does or has done for you. Recognize the other mother’s in your life as well, the grandmothers, aunts, mothers-in-law and other caregivers that give so much of themselves to partners and children throughout the year. 

If you have to do the flower thing, maybe look at getting her a potted plant this year? It will last longer and be a reminder of how much you care for a longer time. Sometimes asking the kids can also yield some brilliant ideas of how to make the day really special for Mom. Whatever you decide to do, spend the day showing her that she is appreciated and loved, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day! 

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