Post-Birth Survival Kit: 5 Essentials to Keep Things Fresh ‘Down There’

Written by Jana Angeles

Birth can be viewed in two ways (or both): beautiful or horrible. It can take a while to recover from birth. Recovering from birth is a process and one that shouldn’t be rushed. However, it’s important to acknowledge that on the basis of hygiene, keeping things fresh down there could help the healing process. Though things may be a little sore, keeping your vaginal region clean can help speed up the healing process. All it takes is a little patience and persistence! We recommend following your doctor’s orders post-birth. These tips are just some suggested ways on how you can help heal up and stay clean after giving birth.


Have a sitz bath

A sitz bath could be what you need to keep things fresh down there. Having a sitz bath is specifically made for the purpose of helping your vaginal region feel clean and heal faster. You can use Epsom salts and dissolve it in warm water. Doing this daily for 10-15 minutes could help flush out any bacteria existing down there, keeping the region clean. Alternatives that can be used instead of Epsom salts is witch hazel, olive oil or baking soda!


Using a postpartum spray

Giving birth to a baby is not easy, which is why postpartum sprays were invented! The discomfort of birth is too real, especially in those moments where you need to go to the bathroom. Having a postpartum spray can be helpful when you’re toileting as it could provide some relief for the pain you’re experiencing. One of the key benefits of using a spray is that it won’t affect your breast milk since it is making external contact with your body. While taking pain medication may help, it’s not recommended while breastfeeding. To maximise the spray’s effect, use it on a pad. This will help numb the pain felt down there.


Make use of tea bags

Did you know that black tea has some anti-inflammatory properties? Tea bags could help heal your vaginal region faster and provide a calming effect. All you need to do is brew a couple of tea bags and steep them in boiling water. After they have cooled down, insert the tea bags in your underwear with a pad and you’re good to go! Using tea bags can help relieve the effects of perineal pain and wound stitches. Not only will this keep things fresh down there but it can help speed up the healing process.


Fill a squirt bottle with warm water

If you want to go back to basics, having a squirt bottle filled with warm water could be of use for your vaginal region. After birth, it becomes very sensitive down there, so doing the most simplest things like toileting can be a struggle. After you have finished urinating, flush your vagina with warm water using a squirt bottle. This could help relieve the burning sensation you may feel, especially when you have stitches!


Use maxi-pads not tampons (for now!)

You may have been a fan of the good old tampon, but having given birth, it’s not practical to use one. Using a maxi-pad can help you manage the vaginal discharge coming out post-birth. This is known as lochia and the discharge contains blood, mucus and tissue. Lochia normally goes for about four to six weeks post-birth. Small clots are normal to have when experiencing lochia, however, you should notify your doctor if you have heavy clots. Change pads frequently to maintain hygiene and only use tampons when your doctor has confirmed that they are safe to use.

Hygiene may go out of the window in the first few weeks after birth and that’s okay. The above are just suggested essentials on how you can keep your vaginal region fresh and clean while you embark on the healing journey after birth. From using maxi-pads to taking sitz baths, there are of course other ways of keeping things fresh down there. Give yourself a moment to relax and celebrate the birth of your child. You’ve done the hardest part, so do your best to be patient during the healing process. Your lady parts will be healed in no time!