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By Sheree Hoddinett  

Do you ever think, what the hell have I done? Can I change my name from mum already?! Some days it’s an endless assault on my ears! Lucky I love the little terrors, er munchkins I mean! But I know these beautiful days of cuddles, cute smiles and everything adorable will eventually come to an end. And I will miss it, terribly. We spend so much time (yes, me too) complaining about all the things they do that drive us up the wall, only to realise it’s over so quickly. You don’t realise it at the time, but it hits you like a tonne of bricks down the track. 

Looking back now, I know I was forever whinging about how much I had to feed my girls, or how much they needed me as newborns and now I think back with a tear in my eye about how it’s all over. Mind you I don’t really miss being covered in milk vomit or having poo in places I never imagined it could go. But it’s the little things that come back to haunt you and remind you they are only little for such a short time and it’s over in the blink of an eye. 

I think what hits me even harder is that I get even less time with my girls than I thought I would due to being a split family. I know it could be far worse but that doesn’t make it any less difficult at times, especially when I know they get to do things that don’t always include mummy. But on the other hand, I feel I’m building an even stronger bond with my girls as well. One-on-one time, although at times difficult because there’s two of them (poor joke I know) can also be rewarding and even more memorable. There are days I don’t want to miss a thing and other days where the fast forward button would be the best thing ever!! 

One thing I have noticed with raising two naturally inquisitive children is their thirst for knowledge and their natural curiosity about the way things are and how they work. There are times when lingering stares and unfortunately timed words could potentially land us in trouble but so far, I’ve successfully managed to steer clear of majorly offending some poor unsuspecting soul. Out of the mouths of babes is one line I’ve grown very accustomed to in recent years, especially with two very cheeky and chatty little girls. I think that sometimes kids are just meant to make you look bad when you least expect it, it’s just one of the many joyous things about parenting. That and copping unnecessary attitude, defiance and lots of ignorance. Who would be a parent for quids hey? Yet we all do it, so there is some kind of rewarding factor in it somewhere, right?! 

Yes, being a mum is probably the best thing I have ever done with my life but it’s not the only thing. I just hope, in the end, I’ve been doing it right. Not that I’ll ever truly know considering “you’re terrible” and “you’re a bum bum face” are pretty popular sayings in my house these days. I just join them and call them silly names back. Not the greatest parenting but I figure I need to have some fun and there’s a lot of creativity in calling someone a “bum bum poohead fartface” (haha!). Yep, I’m the epitome of being the “perfect” mother right here. If you can’t stop them, why not join in on the fun?! Laughter always ensues and giggles are definitely always the best part of these fun little encounters with my cheeky little monkeys. And yes while not always deemed a tasteful subject, we still find certain body noises funny in our very girl dominated household! And rest assured that will not change anytime soon! 

It’s always nice taking a trip down memory lane. Check out the rest of my blogs over at If anything it might give you the laugh you need after a crappy day or the reassurance you’re not alone! Until next month, in case no one else tells you, you are awesome, doing an amazing job and rocking this parenting gig! 

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