Relationship Goal Setting In 2018

Written by Cara Barilla 

Many men and women in today’s fast-paced environment don’t necessarily have enough time for each other. Work may be overwhelming and social lives may be shortened as your children come on the top of the priority list, taking up more of your time.  
The underlying modern pressures and exposure can add a lot of strain and tension to many relationships – yes, even the strongest ones. The main question that many couples end up asking themselves is “does it get better than this?” The timeless answer would be a harmonious concoction of the below characteristics: 


In 2018, why not take the leap and plunge into a brand-new venture and start the year off with positive habits:

Influential Communication 

Gathering important knowledge with your partner is important to balance and sustain your relationship’s wants and needs. Ask them positive questions, which assists in balancing the daily chores, feelings and priorities. Your partner will appreciate you keeping up with their current persona. Everyone’s personalities, interests, strengths and weaknesses change sporadically; it’s crucial to ask, learn and act on new influences and interests.

Time together 

Whether it’s booking a trip, dinner, date night or a casual picnic: one-on-one time reflects current interests and desires. Bonding time between the two of you at least once a week is important to connect and still feel a long-lasting connection. This will assist in making sparks fly and bring back memories from when you were first dating. Experiment with new interests, hobbies and romantic gestures. This will bring positive energy in all aspects and surroundings, especially with children and friends.

Being there 

Having physical support is just important as psychological support. Being the backbone to many everyday tasks can be helpful and will create more clarity with communication in a couple. Helping out with everyday errands that you don’t usually do, and ticking off the “to do list” of your partner’s shows interest and care.

Be playful 

Feeling everyday pressures can usually take you through a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane. Understanding that there is more to the two of you besides mother and father can balance yourselves in all aspects of your lives, producing positive outcomes within your relationship and your roles as mother and father. Active and creative activities such as Outdoor beach sports, painting classes, dance classes and even cooking classes can not only bring out the humour in your relationship but can enhance your personal strength and release stress.

Once children arrive in your life, it’s easy to overlook the importance of your relationship.  Taking the time needed to make sure that you are both getting what you want from each other is key in maintaining your connection and having a happy and healthy relationship.  Setting goals each year will keep you on track and ensure that you and your partner are on the same page.   

Setting goals for things like your finances, holidays, and parenting are great, but more importantly you need to set goals for your relationship.  This simple exercise can help you identify if either of your needs are changing so that you can work on a new plan where both parties are happy, helping nurture and grow your ongoing relationship.   

Relationship goal setting may unleash new journeys and also smooth out any obstacles you may have and didn’t know.  Many couples find it hard to understand each other’s needs, which is why it is important to take the time to make sure your goals are aligned. If you feel that there may be underlying tension and discomfort within your relationship, it’s best to seek the help of a professional such as a relationship therapist or counsellor for the right advice.