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Remedies for Morning Sickness

Written by Jana Angeles 

Morning sickness is the worst and it can happen a lot during the term of our pregnancy. Sometimes, more often than we’re used to and it can be more painful than it’s meant to be.

Pregnant women trying to find the best relievers of pain can consider natural remedies that could help them overcome or relieve some of the symptoms of morning sickness. However, it’s important to know that if they do become worse, to seek professional help when needed. Here are some remedies to consider taking to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness: 

Drink Ginger Tea 

Ginger is a popular root that is used in Chinese medicine and makes for a great remedy when it comes to treating morning sickness. Drinking ginger tea can help relieve some of the symptoms and make you feel less queasy. It also has a distinctive spicy flavour and can give you an energy boost during the morning when you need it. 

Eat something sour 

If you feel like you’re about to hurl, eating a sour lolly or sour fruit like lemons can help you with your morning sickness. Although not ideal for those that don’t like sour food, it can make you feel better and get on with your day. Psychologically, it can also take your mind away from the morning sickness for a while, since you’re more concentrated on the taste of the actual food than the stomach pains and vomiting you’re experiencing during morning sickness. 

Make a smoothie 

Combining your favourite fruits and veggies can make for a delicious treat and can surprisingly benefit pregnant women experiencing symptoms of morning sickness. Since it can help neutralise your stomach acids and blood sugar, it will help bring a sense of calmness to your body too. It also helps those that have lost their liking for solid foods due to morning sickness and can provide you with a nutrient boost as well. 

Switch to liquid food 

There are a lot of things happening in your body and sometimes, even with great persistence, you cannot stomach solid food for some reason. Morning sickness can take a lot of energy from you and your loss of appetite may have increased since then. Like when you got your wisdom teeth pulled out, it’s time to make alternative arrangements and stick to liquid food for the time-being. This includes your smoothies and soups. For a hydration boost, ensure that you drink the required glasses of water and consume a sports drink to replace the electrolytes you’ve lost.  

Change your eating patterns 

If you’re used to eating three large meals during the day, it’s time to switch things up! Changing your eating pattern could help you relieve some of the symptoms of morning sickness. Try increasing the meals you have each day and decrease the portion sizes. You can spread them out according to the frequency that suits you to help combat the feeling of morning sickness. A change of pace when it comes to our eating patterns is needed sometimes to help our body reset! 

Take prescription medications 

This is the last resort but if you feel like your morning sickness is getting worse or you’re starting to show severe symptoms, it’s time to consult with your general practitioner for prescription medication that can treat severe cases of morning sickness.

This means that if you feel nauseous all the time or you can’t keep the food inside your stomach at all, taking prescription medications would be the best option. Do not feel the need to hold off your doctor appointments just because you feel like it’s a common experience all pregnant women have – it’s important to notice any alarming changes that could affect the health of you and the baby’s.  

There are plenty of remedies that are suitable for treating morning sickness, so it’s important to consider all the options available before taking up medicine prescriptions. However, pregnant women are encouraged to talk to their GPs or other healthcare providers when it comes to their health and how they can overcome morning sickness effectively.

Whether it means changing your eating patterns or trying foods you’ve never had/never liked, consider all the natural remedies of morning sickness first before moving on to a treatment where medicines are involved.  

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