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Like most good stories, ours starts with the birth of a child…

When our little girl arrived, she had a significant case of hip dysplasia that would see her in a Pavlik harness for 6 months. A generation ago, double cloth nappies were actually recommended for babies with hip dysplasia, so we planned to use the three dozen terry flats with which we had been gifted, but had no idea what to do about a cover. The old style PVC pilchers were useless with a Pavlik harness.

A few hours of Googling and a few days of waiting for “fluffy mail” to arrive, and we were the proud owner of a nappy cover that went on like a disposable, fitting comfortably in between the Pavlik harness and our daughter’s hips. Genius! The bonus of course was that these beautiful, high quality Velcro and snap closure nappy covers were available in every colour and print imaginable!

And the rest, as they say, is history!

We know you don’t have time to be thinking too hard about nappies. What you want is to change and go, knowing that the nappy you’ve chosen will do its job.

That’s why for the past 12 years we’ve been making beautiful cloth nappy products that do what they’re supposed to.

Gentle on baby, the planet and the back pocket.

Simplicity for your parenting journey.

Designed in Australia and used on 5 of our own babies, we know first-hand that we’ve hit a winner. A nappy that contains everything it’s supposed to contain, is easy to use and care for, and looks positively delightful… what more could you want?


  • Our nappies work
  • They will save you money over the course of the time your child is in nappies
  • They wash and wear exceptionally well, meaning that the nappies you put on your newborn will be same ones you use on their final day in nappies

Thank you for supporting our Australian family-owned business and brand.


Multi-fit Pocket Nappies

Our pocket nappy has undergone a number of revisions over the years, and back in 2014 we finalised the current design, which thousands of Aussie parents use and love. We are confident that it fits beautifully, washes with ease and most importantly, does what it’s supposed to!

Paddle Pants

We know Aussies love to swim and that the cost of single-use swim nappies on both the environment and a parent’s back pocket is substantial. So back in 2012, we developed and launched a one-size snap closure swim nappy that keeps the nasty stuff inside the nappy. Being a one-size swim nappy means you don’t need to purchase multiple sizes over the course of your child’s nappy life, and snap closure means the nappy is super easy to remove when there’s a mess inside! Apart from the ease of use, monetary savings and eco-friendly factors, reusable nappies for swimming are without a doubt the easiest way to begin to make the switch from disposable to reusable nappies.

Beach Bags

At the same time as our Paddle Pants, we launched our beautiful Beach Bags. These bags are just seriously practical. They fit around 10 modern cloth nappies or togs and a towel, so they’re great for a day out at the beach or a weekend away. They have a snap handle to pop around your pram or trolley and can also be used at home instead of a nappy bucket. Also now available for fundraising campaigns for your local day care centre, school or community group.

Cómodo Wrap Nappy Cover

Back in 2013, we were playing around with lots of different options for our 5th baby for nights. We settled on a terry flat, with bamboo booster, but didn’t have a cover that fit over the top, so we grabbed a Seedling Baby pocket shell and used that for a week or two. Cómodo Wrap was born. Essentially the same design as the pocket nappy, the Cómodo Wrap has a wipeable inner so you can wipe and air dry between changes. The Cómodo Wrap has lots of wriggle room to go over even the biggest fitted or flat nappy combo and is perfect for parents who want something that fits from birth right through to toilet training.

Luxury Liners

Luxury Liners were launched in 2015 after a light bulb moment. We realised we’d been using handmade fleece liners at literally every nappy change for the past 5 years. While fleece liners are relatively simple to make, we know that not everyone has the time or inclination to do that, so we bundled up packs of 10 for the convenience of those who wanted a quick and simple solution to their stay dry woes. Durable yet always soft, fleece is the ultimate fabric for lining your nappies as it creates a moisture barrier that helps your child to feel dry and can help to prevent rash.

Diversifold (by popular demand, packaged up in bundles of 3 in 2016)

The Diversifold is the main booster used in our pocket nappy. It can be folded small or large and offers up to 8 layers of thirsty bamboo/cotton absorbency. We had a number of parents and retailers asking for the Diversifold to be available separately from the pocket shells, so we bundled them up into packs of 3 for those who want to use them as prefolds or for quicker rotation of their shells. The name is a combination of the words diverse + prefold because it’s really not just a prefold. You can also use it as a burp cloth, booster or super wipe!

We really love creating great products that help to smooth the nappy journey for parents and we hope that you love every Seedling Baby product that you use. Our prints are thoroughly unique, designed for us by the incredibly talented Flora Waycott and all have a special place in the history of our brand.

Thank you for supporting an Australian family-owned brand and your local retailer who stocks us.

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