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Written by Sheree Hoddinett

I’ve never been what you would call a girly girl. I did play with Barbie, dolls and tea sets growing up but I also loved Matchbox cars, Tonka trucks and building Lego, the latter still a big favourite of mine to this day! I rarely wear make-up or high heels; my hair is usually up in a messy bun or ponytail and I prefer the comfort of shorts or pants to skirts and dresses. I’ve been known to use a hammer/drill/screwdriver, dig a hole or trench and even mow the lawn, which many ladies out there are more than capable of doing! I have occasional girly moments, but otherwise I’m pretty casual and laidback about particular aspects of life. I wouldn’t go down the path of calling me a tomboy, but I’m certainly no princess either.

So imagine my life now with two girls in tow. When I became a mum for the first time in 2013, I was pretty excited to discover I had a little girl. Yep, I didn’t find out my baby’s gender until I gave birth (both times!). Part of me was terrified I’d have a boy and wouldn’t have a clue what to do. Although deep down I’d say I would have worked it out, haha! My first girl is what I would call my princess child. Her little sister is a bit more rough and tumble, just like her Mumma! In some ways they are the complete opposite of each other and in other ways, they are so similar it drives me crazy! They get along really well for 5 minutes and then one decides it’s time to pick on the other and the fun abruptly ends.  And when these two take each other on, they can swing big and hit hard. Well, mostly from my youngest daughter while her big sister plays victim. If she didn’t antagonise her in the first place….we all know how this story goes!

I don’t play favourites….much. Like all parents I have my moments where I tolerate one child a little better over the other. Okay, I’m kidding. A little bit. I love my girls both equally, there is no question over that. But sometimes, I do like one just a little bit better than the other. You know when one child actually listens to you for a change. Not just “yes mum” and continues to stare at the television/book/toy, but takes notice of what comes out of your mouth. They seem to take it in turns, so I guess I get to share out the favouritism…I mean niceness…equally.  

If anyone ever says at least girls aren’t smelly like boys, think again! They can let off gas from both ends like the best of them. Of course I do encourage it a little bit because it is funny. But there is also a reminder of a time and a place and we definitely keep that kind of behaviour for home! While I know there will be some pretty dramatic changes as they grow (especially the teenage years – save me now!) I’m going to make the most of the “fun” they give me now, I know it’s not going to be around forever. You have to take the wins while you can right?!

They have moments of brilliance. My eldest daughter will clean up toys when asked, put rubbish in the bin and get ready for school on weekdays. She will also throw the biggest tantrums for no reason, give me so much attitude for no reason and ignore me, yep you guessed it for no reason! Her little sister gives me the hugs I need at just the right time, will set the dinner table and empty rubbish bins and just knows when to calm Mummy down after her big sister infuriates me. But then the little terror refuses to help tidy up toys, takes forever to get ready in the mornings and can be cheeky and rude for absolutely no reason at all. Insert dramatic sigh right here. That could be for me or my eldest daughter, haha! Either way she’s pretty good at it!

If you’re enjoying my tongue in cheek take on parenting (especially with girls!), head on over to my blog at and have a few more laughs, probably at my expense! Until next time…don’t forget to check in on your friends with strong willed daughters…ahem kids (thanks Facebook memes)…they may need some uplifting, or maybe just a good strong drink!! We can do this…I think, I hope, haha!!

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