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The Toddler Tantrum

The classic scenario of the toddler tantrum.
 I’m sure we’ve all seen it… The screaming child, the frazzled parent, the disgruntled plane passengers or supermarket shoppers.
 Here are a few tips to try next time your wee one refuses to co-operate.

Find A Distraction

The age old technique is using something to make your child oblivious to the fact that they are being put into their car seat or high chair. You will need pre-planning with this one, so if tantrums in certain situations have become normal then give them a distraction before you move them into that situation. It isn’t always 100% effective, but it can make the tantrum a little more bearable. Try their favourite song, or a soft toy.

Like A Fish to a Hook – Use Bait

Using a toy that your child has a love and fascination with in tricky situations when they just won’t be quiet is always a good strategy. Like a fish to a hook, use the toy almost as bait. Lure them into the situation with it, such as getting into their stroller. It will have no effect if you give it to them in the middle of a tantrum. Give it to them once they’re settled into where they are supposed to be.

Make A Problem

If you have a little bit of time up your sleeve, this may be a good idea. Simply invent a rule that means your toddler has to do something before something else can happen. They don’t know that the car won’t move unless he sits still, or buckles his seat belt. Over exaggerate the problem and your child will be happy to see the situation move forward. You could try “Uh oh, the car won’t start until your seat belt’s buckled.”

Occupy His Hands and Mind

Regardless of where you are, there will always be something you can grab to occupy and amuse your grizzly toddler for long enough to make sure you finish what you want to. If it’s the supermarket, try offering them a bread roll or something tasty like fruit snack bars. If nothing is at hand, a set of keys have the same effect that shiny silver does to a magpie.

Grin and Bear It

It may seem impossible, but sometimes the only way to control your stubborn toddler is to try to ignore your toddler’s howls of protest. If you’re in the car, open the window, put on some music and hope they will tire themselves out before you get to your destination.

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