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Written by Liza John 

Being sick is a trying ordeal for anyone. Seeing your child go through it regularly and caring for them at the same time can be hard for the parent as well. Therefore, it is no surprise that every parent wants their child to be at the peak of health. There is no need for a medical degree to ensure that your child is happy and healthy; care, attention, and lots of love might just do the trick.  

The importance of staying healthy has skyrocketed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The occurrence of the usual common cold and flu may have fallen thanks to virtual schooling, but this does not mean your child’s immune system has improved. Instead, the rigorous hand-washing, sanitizing, and social distancing have prevented the transmission of the germs and protected your little one. That is a new lesson to keep in mind while trying to keep your child safe. 

Keeping your child healthy, often, does not require drastic measures. Being watchful here and a little more care there can reduce the days of stuffy noses and sick leaves. With that in mind, here are top 5 tips to keep your child healthy.  

Establish The Importance of Eating Right  

There are little to no scientifically proven ways to boost immunity, but a nutritious diet makes sure that the immune system functions well. Inculcating the habit of having a filling breakfast in the younger years will help your child in adulthood as well. Healthy breakfast habits boost the functioning of the brain and also prevent childhood obesity. 

Providing the kids with meals at regular times and cutting down on unhealthy snacking also goes a long way in improving their health. Always take care to include leafy greens and whole grains in your child’s diet. Remember that vitamins and minerals obtained from a varied diet are far better than the ones that come in bottles. Rather than restricting their consumption of sweets and processed foods, provide children with these pleasures occasionally so that they never feel deprived.   

Maintain Good Hygiene  

Personal hygiene is a habit worth cultivating. Teaching the children to keep themselves clean at all times will only boost their health. Oral and physical hygiene habits should be made into kids’ routine as early as possible. Showering properly and personal grooming can prevent situations like lice infestations and most skin conditions. 

Make sure that family members do not share towels or loofahs because they can become breeding grounds for germs. Promote the use of antibacterial soaps in the household. Keeping the pandemic in mind, remind your child to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after going out or touching delivered packages.  

Need For Mental Health  

A healthy mind and a healthy body are related to each other in more ways than you think. And while your junior’s immune system is developing, it is important to make sure that their mental health is at its best. Urging children to forget what is bothering them or dismissing their issues without listening to them harms their overall health.  

Studies have shown that distressed children tend to get sick more. Especially with virtual schooling, children might feel more stressed or disconnected from their friends so make sure that you are there to support them when they need it.     

Encourage Exercise   

All work and no play give way to a dull child. While imaginative plays and other games stimulate your child’s mind as well as their social skills, it also ensures that your child gets the much-needed exercise. Perhaps you can make it into a family bonding session of simple yoga or take a brisk walk in the park with your little one.  

Observe Healthy Sleep Schedules  

The importance of sleep hygiene cannot be emphasized enough. While your child is sleeping, their body restores itself and rejuvenates for the coming day. Apart from consolidating the cognitive functions, the body also uses the downtime to repair and strengthen the weakening cells. Research has indicated that sleep-deprived children have weaker and slower developing immune systems. Thus, your child must get at least eight hours of restful uninterrupted sleep. 

Final Thoughts 

It is only normal for a parent to want to shield their child from illness but a common cold or flu during childhood is a sign of your child’s developing immune system. Maintaining your child’s best mental, physical, and emotional health can be easy with some attention and a desire to help.  

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