“Treasured” Moments

Written by Sheree Echlin

I love being a mum. No really, I do. I know I joke about it a lot but it’s something that means the world to me. I just don’t always like some of the “fun” that comes along with it. I often think how am I doing as a mum? Good? Great? Maybe not so good when I yell for the millionth time in a day. I figure my girls are still breathing so it can’t be all bad, right?! Everyone has angelic children like me, don’t they? Where they do as they’re told, listen and are just all round the best children on the planet? I can hear you all laughing, either at me or for me it’s perfectly fine, I’m used to it, you know, children and all. 

I often wonder how mums out there cope with a tribe of kids. And by tribe, I mean three or more kids! There are days where I almost need matchsticks to hold my eyes open and some kind of energy boost to get me through the day and that’s only with two. Mind you, I’m one of those lucky mums whose ‘adorable’ children stopped napping at the age of two and 18 months respectively. Yep my two are on the go, allllllllll day. Before you ask, no most nights they don’t sleep through the night either. You really can’t have it all, but you can hope for the best even when you expect the worst. Is it bad that most days feel like the worst around here? Haha! Kids definitely run their own show (especially my two!!) and know how to work their magic on you, no matter how on the ball you think you are. 

We’re still smack bang in the middle of attitude central too. The age of four teamed with a “terrible” toddler is certainly not ideal and I fear it’s not going away anytime soon. I anticipate that I will get a “break” for a few years before I encounter the pure joy that is teenage hell. I’ve been assured that the ‘best’ is yet to come. Isn’t it funny how you feel like the worst is behind you with every stage you survive and yet it’s really only an appetiser for the main course. Although I’m often reminded (usually after a horrible night) that the days may feel long but the years are short and I really should make the most of them. Yep thanks mum, always the pleasant reminder! Plus, she likes to say (quite a lot actually) that everything my girls throw at me (sometimes literally), I also did to her. Karma is it mum?  

On a sentimental note I know I just want to be the best mum I can be and I don’t always feel like I do it right. I love my babies (they always will be no matter how old they are) and I know they love me unconditionally, they don’t have a choice really (insert evil laugh here). I have an awesome relationship with my mum, well I hope so anyway, and I can only do my best to ensure the same for myself and my girls. Maybe a little less yelling and more “nice” mummy might be the way to go? That is until all hell breaks loose again and again. See, always anticipating the worst! 

I guess as mums we’re all looking for that reassurance we’re doing ok, that we have made all the right choices even if they felt wrong at the time. I know I have made bad decisions, who hasn’t? Knowing we can’t always be the “good guy” when raising children certainly makes it harder when you doubt yourself and your parenting. But it’s important to remember (and I’m far from an expert and probably should take my own advice) that our kids aren’t going to remember all the bad stuff. Who am I kidding?! Of course they will and likely point it out whenever they see fit to embarrass you as much as possible. But always have a contingency up your sleeve, it’s likely you’ll have plenty of ammo to use as well. Modern technology in the form of “cute” videos and photos should do the trick, haha! 

If you feel up to some more light-hearted reading, jump on to shereeechlin.com and read about the rest of the disasters/fun stuff/every day joys of life I encounter on a regular basis. It might just make you feel better about your own parenting or at least give you a laugh anyway!