For as long as I can remember, right back to my own childhood, I have travelled. I’ve been all over the world and I’m pretty sure I have flown around it several times.  I love traveling and exploring new parts of the world that when my husband and I decided to marry, we even eloped. I remember during that holiday we talked about how much our lives were going to change, and we promised each other that even when kids came along, we wouldn’t stop going on adventures just because we had started our family……. Fast forward a year and a bit after our wedding and yep, we had a little baby girl Max.  

It took us 18 months after her birth to get the courage to go on a holiday and off we went on a 2-month adventure to the Greek Islands, Italian Coast and Egypt.  We were rookies on that trip and as such made some terrible mistakes which were not just limited to the following: took everything but the kitchen sink for our baby, took a standard pram that had to be stowed when boarding the plane and stayed in hotels vs. apartments.  Making mistakes when travelling with children is all part of the journey, but the one lesson I took away most from that trip was to make sure that we had a good TRAVEL pram for our next adventure! 

So, in December 2018 we set off on our next family vaycay and this time we decided to head to Colombia in South America for a 5-week adventure.  Max is now 3 ½, so choosing the right travel stroller was a little overwhelming.  I needed something light, compactable, that was suitable as carry-on luggage and most importantly would allow my daughter to nap during the day.  On this holiday Max and I travelled separately from hubby, he went ahead of us to do some trekking and as a result I had to make sure that I had a pram that would meet my needs as a single parent traveling with a child.  

I was given the opportunity to review the New Baby Jogger city tour 2TM stroller and I can happily report that this stroller is everything you need without really knowing what you need, if that makes any sense!  

The city tour 2TM looks just like a standard pram but is small and compactable, and it packs down into a neat little backpack which can be stowed as hand luggage on all flights. It’s super lightweight at only 6.5Kgs which makes it easy to manage on your own and the steering and control of this stroller is so good, I’m not sure why you would need any other pram regardless of your traveling status. 

Let Me Take You Through the Fold of This Pram, It Is Pretty Dam Spectacular!   

I loved how simple it was to fold, the city tour 2TM can literally be folded in 30 seconds flat.  By releasing the stroller from the safety locked position on the handlebar, you just follow the fold flow by pushing the handlebar forward and then lifting from the middle of the seat and wham, its folded.  My husband even managed to do this on his first try and that not only surprised me, but reinforced that it was simple to use.  I cannot tell you how many times I went to the car when Max was a baby to find the pram laying on its side in the boot with a back-passenger seat down still in its unfolded position because hubby could not work out how to fold it…… 

Packing the Stroller into The Backpack Was Just as Simple as Folding.   

Once folded, you place the cover over the handlebars and slide over the stroller ready to be zipped up. You will need to remove the back wheels and by pressing the release buttons on the stroller’s rear wheels, they slide off without any fuss. Place the rear wheels over each other and place in the bag over the footrest and zip up the bag and you’re ready to stow as carry-on luggage. The best part was no waiting for your pram when you disembarked off a flight! 

If You Have Ever Travelled with A Child That Still Naps, Making Sure That They Get Their Rest Is A Must.  

Traveling previously without a decent stroller made nap times extremely difficult and often resulted in a cranky, overtired toddler for the rest of the day.  The one thing that I loved most about the city tour 2TM was the laying positions it offered.  You can lay your child in a 180 degrees flat position or completely upright and anything in between.  The seat adjustment is easy to use, and you can customise the position to whatever is needed.     

The Footrest on The Stroller Is the Secret Gift That You Didn’t Know You Needed.   

It is adjustable and turns the city tour 2TM into the perfect daytime nap bed that you need for a tired child.   

As for How It Performs When Out and About?  

There are so many things about this stroller that you’ll love, for one the steering on this stroller is exceptional.  It’s easy to manoeuvre, glides around on any hard surface and offers an extremely smooth ride for your little one.  We loved how the canopy is also adjustable and offers SPF 50+ protection and has a peek a book window on the top so you can check on your child.  There is a foot break on the back wheel, so when you are out and about you don’t have to worry about your little one rolling away either. 

Overall the features that the city tour 2TM offered us saved us so much stress and anxiety around travelling with Max, especially around her nap times.  It was easy to manage at the airports, stow on the planes and ultimately made our travelling experience with a stroller trouble free which was what we needed.  

Not only would I recommend the city tour 2TM as your go to option for a travel stroller, but as a stroller for everyday use.  It really was everything we needed with so much more.  At $499 this is the stroller every traveling parent needs. 

The new city tour 2TM is available from 1st February 2019. For more information visit: www.babyjoggerstrollers.com.au