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Written by Feba Maryann 

No matter what, it’s an obvious fact that humans need a strong network of friends to rely on; whether it’s to share success, seek help or simply have fun! 

If you reminisce back to your pre-baby days, maintaining a social circle must have felt ten times easier. Having a baby changes the dynamics of your friendships, it becomes harder to accommodate time for friends and make the same plans you made before you had children. Many people lose contact with friends while balancing a jam-packed schedule that keeps them on their toes 24/7. The importance of having friends to rely on is often undermined. You need to have a support system to fall back during difficult times. 

Here is why you should start paying more attention to your social life: 

1. They Mirror Your Actions 

People often get indulged in their family lives that they often forget about their individual selves. They invest themselves in their children’s lives and forget about their well-being. When you make a mistake, you need people to point that out to you. Friends act as reflecting mirrors; they help you make positive lifestyle changes. They might not give you solutions to all your problems, but they will surely reflect your actions, which will further help you analyse your deeds. 

2. They Protect Your Vulnerable Side   

Every human, however physically and mentally strong, has a weak side. Sometimes, only your friends know about this side and can act as a shield of protection. Your partner may not necessarily understand your weakness and would unintentionally hurt you furthermore. Having a close friend who understands your downfalls and stands with you despite it becomes essential when you feel like your partner can’t. 

3. They Encourage You  

You can’t always rely on your partner for constant encouragement and emotional support. There will be moments when you will feel low and your partner will not be available to support you. It could be an argument with your family, a presentation at the office, your kids’ first school meeting, etc. During such days, you might feel nervous or lost. This is when your friend’s encouragement comes to the rescue. They will help you realise your true potential and motivate you. 

4. They Often Prevent Things From Turning The Wrong Way   

Just like the way they regulate your actions, they also highlight the outcomes frequently. Friends will show you the future of the decisions you take, which helps you from taking rash decisions. 

5. They Will Give You The Right Advice  

It’s impossible for two people to live together 24×7 without a difference in opinion. Couples face arguments almost every day and sometimes over the most trivial matters. The problem worsens when they bottle up their emotions and avoid opening up to prevent further arguments. This communication-gap leads to unresolved problems that can worsen with time. This is when consulting and sharing opinions with a supportive friend becomes necessary. They will give the right advice to help you get your marriage back on track. This motivates you and helps you believe that you can get things back to normal. 

6. They Will Help You Pursue Your Interests   

Your spouse and other family members, may fail to understand your interests and passion. They may not be able to relate your interests which might make you feel like they don’t give you the support you need to pursue it. Your closest friend is a companion who has stayed with you throughout your life, he/she might be the only person who knows the importance of certain activities. They give you the motivation and support you need to pursue your interests. 

7. They Will Listen To You  

Sometimes, it might feel like your partner never understands your viewpoint and feelings. Not having anybody to share this with can get pretty frustrating. You need to have a friend who listens to you without judging or dragging their opinions in between. 

There are plenty of instances when you rely on your close friends for support and advice. These friends can help you out of hiccups in your relationship and listen to your constant rants about your husband (and maybe your children). They could even save a relationship from drifting apart.

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