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Sydney Hearts of Gold: A Business For The Children

Written by Cara Barilla

Within the midst of inner Sydney’s leafy bayside suburbs of Drummoyne, hosts a contemporary vs. morally traditional method of running a business. Mrs. Silvana Gittani, owner and founder of Abbotsford family practice has reached out to the community on another level of humanity, selfless measures and togetherness. A level that encompasses new growing families, established families and family planning.  

The Abbotsford Family Pharmacy recently hosted a complimentary first aid course for kids open to the community of Sydney, which was held in the inner Sydney’s Canada bay club. The course was successfully enlightened all walks of life from nannies to parents. Mrs. Silvana Gittani had once again reached above and beyond measures to maintain togetherness in the Drummoyne community, whilst rejoicing what local communities should uphold when gaining insight to local family education and medicinal product advice. 

The assisting team at Abbotsford Family Pharmacy have brought together many new mums from various local mothers’ groups, support groups and introducing locals for “just because” support. From Peppa Pig to balloon blowing, this business is one that always leaves a smile on your child’s face!  

The formality of this business is unique as they produce many upcoming and useful gift packages, makeup, children’s education, parental advice, product & ingredient knowledge, home care and mental & physical support. The local team have left their customers coming back for more – forever being exciting and innovative with their ideas, grasping the local attention and high-end approach to customer support and courtesy.

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