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5 Best New Year’s Eve Plans With The Kids

Written by Jana Angeles 

We can’t believe 2017 has come to an end, as with every year, we’ve dealt with the good and the bad. No year is ever the same and there are different challenges we have to endure each time. Regardless, New Year’s Eve is meant to be a fun way to celebrate! Having children is the best part because they get excited over small things, whether it’s playing with their family and friends, seeing the fireworks or holding onto glow sticks and sparklers. In this article, we note down the top five plans you should consider when NYE comes around. 

Have a BBQ Gathering With Family and Friends 

A great way to celebrate and ring in the new year is to gather your family and closest friends for a low key, casual BBQ gathering. Keeping it small and celebrating with your nearest and dearest will bring joy to your children. They will be able to hang out with key family members as well as eat some delicious food! There’s also not much preparation needed if you’ve assigned other members of the family to take care of food and drinks catering.  

Watch The Fireworks 

The most popular option is to round up the family and see the fireworks in the city. However, some of you may not be impressed by limited access to public transport, large crowds and congestion. Keep in mind that you don’t need to trek it all the way to the city to see some fireworks. Guaranteed your local area will have some organised for the community, giving you and your family the chance to see some fireworks painting the night sky!  

Have An Outdoor Picnic 

If you prefer doing something during the day time, an outdoor picnic is the perfect option for you and the kids. Spending some quality time with your loved ones in the outdoors is an opportunity for fresh air and admiring the natural surroundings. Your kids will also be able to roam around the park equipment and be inventive when it comes to activities. Having a picnic can also be easily organised if the catering for food and drink is shared amongst family and friends. 

Make A Vision Board 

What are you expectations for the new year? Do you have a vision in mind? Creating a family vision board in the last hours of NYE can be a productive and creative way to spend time with each other. It’s super fun being able to set some goals and crossing them off each time they’re completed. Having a vision board can be a great way to see what goals your children have in mind too. It could be as simple as reading one book per month, having a technology-free hour per week or eating less junk when it comes to recess and lunch.  

Make Countdown Bags For Each Hour 

Okay, so you’re probably thinking that you should make 24 bags because there’s 24 hours in a day, right? Realistically, creating that many countdown bags is impossible. Generally speaking, the countdown of NYE starts around 7pm. Create a bag for each countdown hour (total of 5 bags). You can be as creative as you like and put whatever you want in the bag. It could be assorted lollies, photos, toys or some favourite things your kids love. This is a great way for your children to spend time with you and they will have something to look forward to each hour during NYE. 

You might be used to doing the same old thing during NYE and may want to do something different this year. Discuss with your kids what they would like to do for NYE and come up with some fun and creative plans! As long as it’s simple and not time-consuming, any event or activity you participate in is an opportunity to spend some quality family time together.  

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